The Sun in My Eyes

I was walking to class one morning at the dreadful time of 8 a.m. It was a beautiful day if not a touch cold as fall in Wyoming usually is. As I walked to class I was in a rather good mood, head held high, smiling and ready to take on the day. I noticed when I smiled and nodded at a fellow student his head was down and I received no response. I brushed it off as him having a bad day. However as I walked I noticed everyone had their heads down gazing at their shoe laces. “Do they not want to look at me?” “Do they think I’m ugly?” “Why will no one look at me?”  I attempted to wave and greet the passing strangers but no one would look up at me. I casted a lonely shadow across the pavement I walked on. Walking alone being driven mad by my insecurities I stopped a man who ignored my wave by tapping him on the shoulder. He looked up at me with squinting eyes.

“Why didn’t you wave back?” I absurdly asked the stranger.

He pointed his finger out past my ear and said, “The sun is in my eyes…”


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