That Feeling

That Feeling

It’s not easy to capture the feeling I’m writing about with words. Most people have felt it and for those who haven’t, find your passion and you will. It’s that tingle of excitement that wells up inside you and makes you feel like a champion.

A ground ball is hit at you and you stop it beautifully off the bounce, then with a glove toss, that feels so elegant, you place the ball right over the second base bag for the out. The feeling is almost overwhelming at first, you replay the moment over and over in your head just trying to keep the feeling alive. You pump your first and grin, this is when you are happy, without a doubt.

You sit down and start writing, the words are flowing onto the page, which happens ever so rarely. You are a machine, nothing could breaking your concentration. Your word choice is gold and the way you order the words impresses even you. For so often you are your biggest critic. After you finish the piece you look at it and smile.

These are just two examples of times I feel that feeling. The one that it seems we should all be striving for. It’s when I most feel alive and in those moments nothing else matters.


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