What Do I Want?

What do I want?

I think I want what everyone wants. To be wanted. Everything we do is for the approval of others. No matter how much we act like we do it for some bigger picture or heaven forbid ourselves… We want that pat on the back, our friends and family to admire us, and strangers to recognize us for our ability… The ironic part of all of this however, is that we want people to want us because we have such a hard time wanting ourselves. I think you could have thousands of people lining up telling you how amazing you are and not a single one of them could change the opinion you have of yourself. As I write this, I’m not doing it for my readers, I’m doing it because I want to write about this, I want to enlighten myself and I want that pat on the back. I want someone to read this and simply say, “I love this!” or “Wow, you are talented.” I want to be wanted but at the end of the day I could be the most admired person in the entire world and I still would want to be wanted, by myself.

What do you want?


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