I never was one to believe in love at first sight. How can you love someone you don’t even know? I would always question. That’s until I saw her. We shared one class together three days a week and sat on opposite sides of the room. I knew nothing about her yet felt as if I had known her all my life. It was a connection. A strong one. She is perfect. Perfect brown hair that curled down to her shoulders. Most of all however her smile painted an image of what the rest of my life could be like if I had her. I showed up slightly late one day and as fate would have it so did she. I rushed to the door so I could hold it open for her. I had the insane thought that this would be the moment she would notice me too. As she walked by the door she looked over. In her beautiful green eyes I saw a reflection of a life. It felt so familiar, like I had lived it once before. We got married, had a son. We named him Jake. I hated that name until I learned she loved it. He had the most random blonde hair. We grew old together. We had grandchildren.

“Thanks.” she said, interrupting my vision.

“You’re welcome.” I responded in the most outgoing way possible.

I pictured my entire life with this girl, but she sat on her side and I sat on mine.


2 thoughts on “Ineffable

    1. Thank you, I wanted to try and capture a moment in time that any everyday person might have. Most of the time those moments don’t lead to anything and I wanted to show that in the ending. I appreciate the comment!

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